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Facebook: kerekesdora

Tumblr: graphic-designest


Hello, my name is Dora. I study graphic design at the Royal Academy of Art (KABK) since 2014. Originally I come from Budapest, Hungary, and currently I’m residing in The Hague. I have a multicultural background, and speak Russian, English and Hungarian fluently. In graphic design I mainly focus on interactive media and typography. My design decisions always derive from research.

I’m interested in the influence of technology on graphic design and its blurring lines with other disciplines. I work across various media from traditional print to interactive installations. I enjoy creating tools and using data to visualise narratives and questions.

Selected Events

Contest De Fantastische Vijand Breda NL 2015
Contest De Fantastische Vijand Den Haag NL 2015
Exhibition Everything you wanted to [...] Den Haag NL 2015
Exhibition Moving Type, Moving Cities Den Haag NL 2015
Exhibition Global Imaginations Revisited Den Haag NL 2016
Teaching Introduction to Arduino Den Bosch NL 2016
Exhibition Borderless States Amsterdam NL 2016